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Auburn Graduation Gifts

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Auburn Tigers charms and pendants

earrings, cufflinks, tie tacks, money clips and key chains.

Product Prices are listed in sterling silver.

The charms are offered in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Collegiate Jewelry takes 2 weeks to make before it ships.

Auburn University 2010 Champ Necklace (SKU: AU-UNV018ACHN)Auburn University 2010 Champ Necklace (SKU: AU-UNV018ACHN)
Auburn University "AU" Charms (SKU: AU001)Auburn University "AU" Charms (SKU: AU001)
Auburn University AU Necklace (SKU: AU001CHN)Auburn University AU Necklace (SKU: AU001CHN)
Auburn University AU Cufflinks (SKU: AU001CL)Auburn University AU Cufflinks (SKU: AU001CL)
Auburn University "AU" Enamel Charm (SKU: AU001E)Auburn University "AU" Enamel Charm (SKU: AU001E)
Auburn University "AU" Ring (SKU: AU001GR)Auburn University "AU" Ring (SKU: AU001GR)
Auburn University Seal Charm (SKU: AU002)Auburn University Seal Charm (SKU: AU002)
Auburn University Seal Men's Ring (SKU: AU002GR)Auburn University Seal Men's Ring (SKU: AU002GR)
Auburn University Seal Tie Tack (SKU: AU002TT)Auburn University Seal Tie Tack (SKU: AU002TT)
Auburn University AU Post Earrings (SKU: AU004EER)Auburn University AU Post Earrings (SKU: AU004EER)
Auburn University AU Dangle Earrings (SKU: AU004ERD)Auburn University AU Dangle Earrings (SKU: AU004ERD)
Auburn University AU Key Chain (SKU: AU004KC-SS)Auburn University AU Key Chain (SKU: AU004KC-SS)
Auburn University AU charm on Rollo Bracelet (SKU: AU004RLL-SS)Auburn University AU charm on Rollo Bracelet (SKU: AU004RLL-SS)
Auburn University "AU" Heart Charm (SKU: AU024)Auburn University "AU" Heart Charm (SKU: AU024)
Auburn University "AU" Heart on a Rollo Bracelet (SKU: AU024RLL)Auburn University "AU" Heart on a Rollo Bracelet (SKU: AU024RLL)
Auburn University "AU" Pierced Football Charm (SKU: AU025)Auburn University "AU" Pierced Football Charm (SKU: AU025)
Auburn University Mini Dog Tag w/ 1/4" AU charm (SKU: AU027DT-SS)Auburn University Mini Dog Tag w/ 1/4" AU charm (SKU: AU027DT-SS)
Auburn University "AU" Dangle Earrings (SKU: AU028ERD)Auburn University "AU" Dangle Earrings (SKU: AU028ERD)
Auburn University "AU" Toe Ring (SKU: AU029TR)Auburn University "AU" Toe Ring (SKU: AU029TR)
Auburn University "AU" Polished Charm (SKU: AU031)Auburn University "AU" Polished Charm (SKU: AU031)
Auburn University "AU" Oval Charm (SKU: AU032)Auburn University "AU" Oval Charm (SKU: AU032)
Auburn University "AU" Oval Cuff Links (SKU: AU032CL)Auburn University "AU" Oval Cuff Links (SKU: AU032CL)
Auburn University "Tigers" Script Bracelet (SKU: AU045BR)Auburn University "Tigers" Script Bracelet (SKU: AU045BR)
Auburn University "Tigers" Necklace (SKU: AU045N)Auburn University "Tigers" Necklace (SKU: AU045N)
Auburn University Premier Crystal Bead Charm (SKU: AU070CHM-SS)Auburn University Premier Crystal Bead Charm (SKU: AU070CHM-SS)
Auburn University Amp Crystal Earrings (SKU: AU077ER-CR)Auburn University Amp Crystal Earrings (SKU: AU077ER-CR)
Auburn University Engraved Money Clip (SKU: AU095-MC)Auburn University Engraved Money Clip (SKU: AU095-MC)

Turn almost any charm into Earrings, Cuff Links, Tie Tacks, Lapel Pins, Money Clips or Key Chains. Just order the charm of your choice above. Choose the size and finish you prefer. Insert the quantity. (You must select a quantity of 2 for each set of earrings or cuff links unless available above.) Go to the Accessories Section and pick your choice.

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