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Logo Rings Numerous designs are available in Logo Rings. They are manufactured in 14kt gold, 10kt gold and Sterling Silver. Go to the tab and choose your State then the College or University of your choice and pick the charm for more details. It will list if a ring is available and will have a "GR" suffix for Guy's Rings, a "LR" suffix for Lady's Rings and a "TR" suffix for Toe Rings. See example below:

Ring Resizing Chart

The Standard Sizes should be listed with the ring if not the standard men's size is 10-1/2" and the standard lady's size is 6-1/2". If it is listed with the ring use that standard - some rings have a different size mold.

You can also write what size you want in the comments section.

The pulldown below is the additional cost for resizing.
If you have any questions about Ring Availability check under College Jewelry or email me additional information can be sent to you!

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